Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Class Picture of Young Filipino Boys in the 1930s

Photo inscription: C.B. Welcome C.A.V.
Intermediate Boys Grade V-VI-VII

A class photo depicting the Filipino youth of the 1930s.

The front row boys are wearing scarves knotted in a way boy scouts or farmers do.

The second to third row are wearing high-waisted khakis (some in pinstripe) and white dress shirts. The chic boy on the left is wearing an all-white outfit. Long sleeve shirt paired with high-waisted shorts and low-cut penny loafers. Ah the 1930s was truly vintage posh even among gradeschoolers!

The boys on the top row however are wearing light-colored shirts with large pockets.

Hair is generally swept back, greased and fluffy on top - evidence of hat hair. Refer to noticeable hat on the right side of the photo near the window.

These boys are between the 90-94 age range today, and most likely WWII war vets.