Monday, January 5, 2009

The Viva Filipinas Collection

I would like to thank my friends and the Florentino Family for contributing a lot of their family photos.

Some are also found photos, some are from my personal collection. Some come from the archives of schools in the provinces.

People think of me as strange for keeping pictures of dead people. I am very fascinated with vintage memorabilia- the photography involved, the details in the subject's clothing and the expression on the pinoy's faces.

I got my knack of nostalgia from my late uncle George who would resurrect old Manila from memory when I was a kid. His imagery became very vivid in my head.

In the 90s, we lost most of our family photos to the lahar floods. I felt it was a great loss. So I know how these lost photos would mean to the families that once owned them, maybe through the internet I could find the answers and even details how they came about. Or simply enjoy an interesting glimpse of the past in pictures.

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